Storm Water Attenuation Tank

We carried out this extensive project in December 2020 in Market Drayton. Our contracted work included the installation of a stormwater attenuation tank with the addition of storm crates. Storm crates or soakaway crates, as they are also known, are an interlocking crate system that allows surface water to be stored and released gradually back slowly over time into the ground or sewer network.

What is a stormwater attenuation tank?

A stormwater attenuation tank allows for surface and rainwater storage, which can be a requirement when new housing, commercial developments or car parks are built. The soakaway crates have various load ratings that indicate their storage capacity. They are also suitable for use beneath car parks.

Stormwater crates have an ability to store up to 97% of their capacity and are a highly effective way to capture rainwater, making them the ideal solution for groundwater infiltration such as that carparks with a large tarmac area. Their ability to withstand up to an 80 tonne vehicle weight parking on top of them is another reason that their use is widespread in such areas. Providing a low cost, easy to set up solution for large areas such as carparks, whilst they may be a lower capacity solution than an attenuation tank, their ability to stack together below ground to create a solution for excess rain or groundwater storage makes them ideal. They offer a basically maintenance free and economical solution for many sites.

Our work

Sean Carr Lining contracted job was to install geotextile, geomembrane and polystorm/polylock/aquastorm soakaway crates to an area spanning of 800m2 that required us to install 1800 crates to give adequate rainwater storage. Our team of five technicians all with TWI/CSWIP, CSCS and manual handling worked tirelessly over 3 days to complete the installation within the timeframe and budget of our client.

We used a high quality 1mm HDPE geomembrane liner, along with an impermeable membrane and permeable geotextile protector fleece to ensure lasting integrity of the liner to work effectively alongside the storm crates.

How can we help?

Here at Sean Carr Lining offer a variety of solutions for the safe storage and release of excess rain and ground water as well as river breaches, ranging from full attenuation and suds ponds to attenuation tanks and as described above storm crates. We offer a supply only, a supply and installation service and we are also happy to install liners you already have or carry out maintenance and repairs for existing installations.

Our highly skilled technicians have industry knowledge and experience gained working on many large and small projects across the United Kingdom and Ireland as well as many other countries. Sean Carr’s team offer highly skilled knowledge to your project for advice and recommendation on which of our products best meets your requirements and a highly competitive quote to carry out the work for you.

We are proud to be BGA accredited showing our continued commitment to customer service, quality of installation and a budget conscience service when you need it. Whether you need our assistance in a hurry, or for a future project, why not get in touch to talk about your requirements? We’d be happy to help you.

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