Floating Cover

In April 2020, Sean Carr Lining were approached, when an emergency repair was required to a Geomembrane floating cover in Lincolnshire.

The problem

The floating cover currently in place had been extensively damaged during a severe storm. It was no longer doing its job of preventing water ingress or contamination entering the food waste storage lagoon. For hygiene and safety purposes, the landowner required a team that could complete the emergency reinstatement and repairs in a timely, safe and cost-efficient operation. We would always advise that regular geomembrane lining maintenance and geomembrane lining repairs are carried out, to ensure that all liners and covers remain in optimum condition and resistant to atmospheric condition damage to reduce the chances of requiring emergency damage repairs. However, we also fully understand that emergencies happen, so you can be sure we will be there when needed. With floating covers being one of the many applications for our HDPE (High Density polyethylene) geomembranes, our client knew that we offered excellence in providing both materials and installation/repair services.

The project

The project involved a team of ten TWI/CSWIP certified technicians a little over 10 days at this Lincolnshire site carrying out geomembrane lining repairs to ensure that the cover was again in full working order. Floating covers are extremely important to maintain the integrity of the contents for all slurry lagoons, food storage waste lagoons and any geomembrane lined applications where smells, vapours and access is to be contained.

The damage to this floating cover installation which covered a vast 20,000m2 area, was extensive being caused by an exceptionally harsh storm and required a team on site to carry out the emergency reinstatement without delay. Our team are equally as experienced carry out geomembrane lining repairs as well as new floating cover installations. With extensive knowledge and training by each team member which in addition to welding includes working in confined spaces training, EUSR (Blue Water Hygiene), Abrasive wheels and slinger training, manual handling and first aid being just a few all ensures that they carry out your onsite installations and repairs with maximum consideration to both high quality and safety.

Confidence in a job done well

Our BGA certification gives our clients the security of knowing our commitment to carrying out work of not only exceptionally high quality, but at a cost that is highly competitive. We pride ourselves on the depth of our industry knowledge with our Managing Director having over 30 years of industry experience and our installation technicians are all widely experienced in a wide variety of installations carried out throughout the UK, Ireland and the rest of the world. We are also Construction line and SMAS accredited making Sean Carr and the team the ideal choice when time is of the essence.

Sean Carr Lining were able to carry out this work in addition to our floating cover supply and installation business and pride ourselves on being there when needed whatever the job size or budget. If you’re looking for high-quality emergency repairs like our client, why not get in touch to talk to the team?

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