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Reservoir Liners from Sean Carr Lining

Water containment is the most common application for geomembranes used in reservoirs. A very strong liner is required for this application as it is subject to ultraviolet light for long periods of time as well as being able to withstand different ambient liquid temperatures.

Liners used for reservoir lining projects are high & low-density polyethylene geomembranes as they provide an impermeable barrier against a wide range of liquids and solids. They have excellent chemical and UV resistant impermeability with high yield and welded strengths.

Reservoir liner thicknesses usually vary between 0.5mm 2.5mm, and are used for the containment of water, liquids, solids, agricultural substances, and treated water.

Sean Carr Lining will provide a team of qualified specialists to plan and install a reservoir liner to match your specifications.

Ground conditions are an important element that should be taken into consideration when choosing a membrane for reservoir lining. Sean Carr Lining can provide a geotextile underlay to protect against sharp or angular stones which could damage the membrane.

If you have a reservoir lining project you would like to discuss, or would like more information, please give us a call, where a member of our team would be more than happy to help you.

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