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Plastic Lake Liners from Sean Carr Lining

Sean Carr Lining can offer plastic lake liners made to any size and specification. Plastic lake liners are used to create, and maintain, an adequate water source to promote wildlife and the local environment.
Sean Carr Lining's geomembrane containment lining systems provide effective solutions to meet these issues. Our expertly trained team of engineers and technicians are standing by to assist you in preserving the priceless value of any lake and extend the effective life of this aquatic resource.

Water Depletion

The primary cause of water loss in a lake is ground absorption. Essentially, due to unsuitable ground conditions, water from a lake can leak back into the ground. Not only does this loss decrease the visual appeal of the lake, but it also can cause significant harm to the surrounding environment; especially wildlife. Sean Carr Lining can install a lake liner to stem this depletion. A lake liner would also protect a lake from ground pollutants that could be present.

Sean Carr Lining's plastic lake liners are created out of a synthetic geomembrane. This is a material that is made up of innumerable small membranes that are impermeable. Together, these membranes form a hydraulic barrier that prevents liquid substances from passing through it. As such, once properly installed, water cannot escape from it and liquid based ground pollutants cannot enter through it.

Sean Carr Lining understands that due to the size of a lake, containment applications may not seem possible. This is false, as Sean Carr Lining are capable of installing plastic lake lining systems to any sized lake.

As a protective measure, Sean Carr Lining are also able to install geotextile protective materials in conjunction with our containment systems. These materials offer an additional layer of protection to the employed lake liner containment system and are especially useful when encountering rough terrain.

Sean Carr Lining are confident you will find our geomembrane lake liners an outstanding and affordable solution for the preservation of aquatic resources such as lakes.

Should you require more information about lake lining systems, please call us where a member of our team will be happy to help.


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