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Golf Course Liners from Sean Carr Lining

Sean Carr Lining can provide a fully qualified team of professionals to install any size of golf course lake liner.

Golf courses have a well-kept aesthetic that is further enhanced by the inclusion of strategically placed ponds and lakes, which are often used as competitive obstacles. As such, the desire to preserve these features is of paramount concern to any facility that houses a course. Water depletion and water quality must be effectively addressed to ensure that golf course lakes and ponds properly create the visual/practical effect they are intended for.

Sean Carr Lining's containment lining systems are ideally suited to the task of resolving the concerns related to golf course aquatic resources. Water loss is perhaps the most common problem encountered with a golf course lake or pond. While there is a degree of water depletion as a result of evaporation, the primary reason in most situations is ground absorption. Our geomembrane golf course lake liners are effective hydraulic barriers that can be installed in a course’s lake or pond. Since water loss impacts the visual appeal of any aquatic resource, the installation of a protective lake liner will minimize this particular problem, whilst also extending the useful lifespan of the lake or pond.

Water quality is also a major issue that golf course lakes and ponds face. This has to do with the clarity of the water. Excessive dirt and silt, for example, from the bottom of a pond or lake can easily mar an otherwise pleasing appearance.

This problem can be dealt with by applying a protective subsurface cover. In essence not only will a golf course lake liner prevent water loss through ground absorption, but it will prevent the loose subsurface silt/dirt that it covers from contaminating the water source it is containing.

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