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Floating Covers on New or In Use Slurry Lagoons UK

Sean Carr Lining can assist Farmers with Ammonia Reduction Grant Scheme

Sean Carr Lining are supporting beef, dairy, chicken, pig and duck farmers who are applying for grant funding for floating covers for slurry lagoons nationwide. Our floating covers are designed with the principals of simplicity and practicality to ensure the farmers can use the lagoon as effectively as possible.

The company have installed floating covers for slurry lagoons across the country for several years.

  • The material used for the cover complies with SSAFO regulations 2010 and OSR Wales
  • The covers are rainproof and do not allow rain water to mix with slurry
  • Design life for the covers exceeds 25 years
  • It is completely secured to avoid wind damage
  • All our works and products comply with SEPA and Environment Agency guidelines

With our experience in the agricultural industry we recognise that the requirements of each individual farmer are different and how the use of the lagoon differs from farm to farm. We can incorporate bespoke fittings into the cover for elements such as inlet and outlet pipes, sumps and ventilation. 

Sean Carr Lining provide a 20-year warranty on all material installations.

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