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Containment Lining Systems from Sean Carr Lining

Sean Carr Lining are a leading installer of containment lining systems, offering excellent services and product options that cover a wide range of capabilities.
Dependant on the requirements of a specific product, Sean Carr Lining provide professional expertise using the very best geosynthetic materials available.

Containment Liners

Sean Carr Lining have to ability to provide containment solutions to prevent the leakage in anaerobic digester tanks and for the safe storage of bi products as such as biogas. Digester tanks can be constructed using steel or concrete materials, as Sean Carr Lining can configure containment liners to accommodate either scenario.
We have a full range of liner options available to suit any need or application into an anaerobic digestion environment. For a project of this nature, HDPE, LLDPE or Polypropylene liners offer ideal chemical and gas resistance.
As the need for anaerobic digestion systems has increased, Sean Carr Lining has ensured it has the best possible capabilities to offer you outstanding performance in this area of waste management.
We are able to provide services that help to prevent tank leakage, and ensure the maintenance of tank integrity is thoroughly carried out. We also offer refurbishment services, providing a cost saving solution to the ongoing maintenance of anaerobic digestion systems.

Biogas Reactor

A smaller version of a biogas reactor tank can be constructed to present a different method of geosynthetic liner installation cost saving measures. This would be possible as anaerobic digestion is essentially a biochemical process, meaning it is easy to reproduce and the resulting biogas is just as adequate for use.
These biogas tanks, referred to as rubber balloon biogas reactors, are very easy to build, and extremely cost effective.

A containment area is created in the ground to hold the biochemical sludge (waste commonly found in any home). This is what produces the biogas. The containment area is then covered with an impermeable sheet such as a geomembrane containment liner and is then allowed to gestate in the sun. The result will be gasses forming in the upper part of the containment liner, whilst the sludge settles to the bottom of the containment area. This gas can then be siphoned out as needed.

This method is considered temporary, as it can be affected by weather conditions and general wear and tear.

All of Sean Carr Lining's containment liners are fully compliant with regulatory guidelines as set out by the Environment Agency, along with HSE. They are also tested for quality and further certified by laboratories sanctioned by the UKAS.

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