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Containment liners from Sean Carr Lining

Sean Carr Lining are committed to providing the best solutions to ensure the protection of the environment. Our geomembrane containment liners are on hand to ensure the surrounding areas of the installation site are protected against any environmental hazardous waste.
Due to being designed and installed to the highest possible specification, our lining systems are the ideal choice to use when being used as landfill caps. Our landfill capping liners give you the protection of preventing gas release and the contamination of nearby ground / water.

Landfill Capping Liners

Geomembrane liners provide an important function to aid waste management.
As landfills are the most widespread means of waste disposal, there is a concern about the ecological system being affected. These concerns would be centred around the toxic water seepage and the release of toxic gases.
Due to these concerns, landfill sites are now required to install preventative measures, such as permanent or temporary landfill capping liners. These measures ensure the environmental safety of the local area.
Addressing these issues, Sean Carr Lining has developed a vast knowledge and understanding of this area, and we have landfill capping liners available to install with a team of dedicated, expertly trained professionals.
We have geomembrane liners that are specifically developed for landfill capping measures, as such as LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene). The LLDPE liners have the following features which are designed especially for the job of landfill capping:

• Chemical Resistant

• Durable

• UV Resistant

• Flexibility

• Strength

Landfill capping, dependant on the individual circumstances, can be permanent or temporary. Temporary capping measures are often used when a landfill site is due to close, and a permanent capping liner is installed.
The difference between permanent capping and temporary is found in the thickness of the liner – temporary liners are between 0.5mm & 1.0mm, whilst permanent liners are usually 1.0mm, giving a longer lifespan. Our installation team can help you with this to ensure that you install the correct liner for your needs.
Landfill capping liners can also be complimented with additional protective and beneficial features – something Sean Carr Lining can provide. These include geosynthetic products as such as drainage blankets and geotextiles.
Geotextiles can be used as an additional protective barrier to avoid any potential damage to the landfill capping liner such as tearing. Drainage blankets aid the drainage of surface water to help avoid any liquid settling above the liner.

If you would like more information about landfill capping, and the services Sean Carr Lining can offer you, please get in touch, where a member of our team would be happy to help.


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