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Anaerobic Digestion Tank Liners

We live in environmentally conscious times, and the issue of waste management is high on the agenda.

As the understanding of the ecological impact waste management creates, anaerobic digestion tank liners are increasingly being used to help waste management practices.

Anaerobic digestion is a waste management system that has a natural solution. At is most basic level, Anaerobic Digestion utilizes biochemistry to combat the accumulation of waste production. The process has several phases that encompass the use of micro-organisms to breakdown biodegradable materials into usable by-products, as well as reducing the overall amount of waste.

Bacterial hydrolysis of waste products is used to breakdown insoluble organic polymers. This makes such polymers vulnerable to other forms of bacteria. Acidogenic bacteria, for example, will transform amino acids and sugars into hydrogen, ammonia and organic acids. In turn, methanogens will transform these elements into carbon dioxide and methane. When combined with other components, the digestion process becomes an integrated waste management procedure. The process can be applied to commercial, industrial and domestic environments as a practical application for dealing with waste material. The process is clean, efficient and useful.

Anaerobic digestion provides a wealth of benefits that include:

  • Easily producible renewable energy source (biogas)

  • Reduction of waste materials

  • Viable means of organic waste management and elimination

  • Landfill toxic gas reduction and odour elimination

  • Production of useable materials such as fertilizer

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas

Anaerobic digester tanks are constructed out of durable steel and concrete materials. Depending on how these tanks are constructed, they are subject to leaks for a variety of reasons.

Sean Carr Lining’s containment liners are versatile and flexible enough to be easily configured to line digester tanks to create an impermeable seal.

With consideration to the toxic nature of the harsh substances involved, Sean Carr Lining typically employs LLDPE, HDPE and polypropylene liners for this type of application. These types of liners possess intrinsic chemical resistance characteristics that make them ideally suited for digester tank lining.

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